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October 2014

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Devon Area Report
October 2014

Many thanks to Ian & Karen for organising the October run whilst we were away. Dan reported for us that it was a really lovely day. Meeting at Exeter Services, were a smaller than usual group of Dan & Lee, Ian & Margaret, Allan & Jackie and Ian & Karen. All in Triumphs, they had a run to Exmouth with a round of crazy golf to decide the winner of the all new ‘Pisst'n' Broke trophy’. No doubt inspired by Ian’s Herald pickup melting its piston on the way to Mark’s Wedding! They then drove to Otterton for lunch at the Kings Arms, then a walk around Otterton Mill. Then on to Ian and Karen's for cake and tea for Jackie’s birthday and in good weather they stayed in the garden till 5.30. Karen won the trophy with a winning score of 33 with Dan in second with 34. Margaret's Ian came in the last place with a score of 44. According to our source, Ian failed in his attempt to ‘ford’ a deep puddle and had to be rescued by Dan’s AA recovery Herald Estate.

October Club Night at the Star was well supported as usual, though with the first of the really dark evenings, there were less Triumphs out. Those of us who had been up to Yorkshire, separately but at the same time (!) swapped stories and it seems that we missed seeing Ian & Karen at the Railway Museum though we were all there on the same morning. We spent a pleasant evening discussing our cars, and planning what we’d like to do in 2015.