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December 2016

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Devon Area Report
December 2016


Some of you may have heard that the Star is not available to us at the moment. Thanks to Allan & Jackie, we have a new meeting venue for the Devon meetings - THE CLAYCUTTERS ARMS, OLD SCHOOL LANE, CHUDLEIGH KNIGHTON T013 OEY. Still very close to the A38 WITH A VARIED MENU AND A BIG CARPARK.

The Manager, Brian is looking forward to having us there. More hot news - Congratulations to Martin Hughes and Somerset Area, who made a huge effort at the Restoration Show at Shepton Mallet on the weekend of 5th and 6th November - not only did they win Best Demonstration on the Saturday, but walked away
with the Best Club Stand on the Sunday.

A huge effort went into this and the result is a credit to Martin and his group's enthusiasm.

A good turnout for the second Southwest Triumph meet of the year, this time at Windy Ridge at Trerulefoot.

We counted at least 24 cars. Late arrivals Included a guy With a Triumph motorbike! The sun was shining, in all a lovely day considering it was early October.

The Star Inn meeting on the 19th was a lovely evening With 5 Spitfires out, John & Mike from Monmouth with the Acclaim, Bob's Vitesse, Allan & Jackie's 13/60 estate and Dan brought the 2.5pi first time out for a while. It was nice to see Jacob again too and Nigel's Spitfire now with the addition of a wind deflector. Every
time we see this car it gets better and better. We had a chat about the new proposals for roadworthiness testing for classics, which drew a mixed response. We were not to know that this would be the last meeting for a while at Liverton. See above.

At the beginning of November we struck lucky again with the weather. A sharp but sunny day saw 11 Triumphs at Exeter Services for the run and lunch arranged by Karen & Ian. The line up included 3 Spitfires, 2 Vitesses, 2 Heralds, 2 Stags Anna & Jane's TR6 on their first run with us, and we were delighted to meet Steve & Debbie for the first time, having moved from Berkshire, with a fantastic 2000 Automatic, the earliest we have seen out with us. The run took us through some lanes new to us, through the back of Exeter Airport, through Aylesbeare and West Hill and into Ottery. I say into Ottery as several of us took an unscheduled detour here - no names! The snake of cars in front of us looked amazing and hopefully some of you have some good pics with the autumn colours which were in full 'bloom'. At the Hare & Hounds at Putts Corner, Robert & Barbara left us but then rest piled into the very busy pub where they managed to seat allb22 of us. I was a bit worried as I had miscalculated numbers but what a fantastic carvery! After lunch some of us had to go straightn home, but several took up Karen & Ian's invitation for tea at their place. A lovely end to a lovely day. We showcased our 2017 Devon calendar, only then realising that a certain car had managed to successfully photobomb more than half the pics! You'll have to get one to see whose car it is. Order from us at £7 per calendar plus £1.50 p&p.


On Thursday 1st December, why not pop along to the North Devon meeting at the Crealock Arms, where Darren and the North Devon gang will be delighted to see you. Some of our South Devon members regularly go up there, and it is a lovely run to get to a great pub.

We are looking forward to our Christmas Evening meal at the Dartmoor Lodge again on Saturday 3rd December and we have changed the date of our December N&N, now at the Claycutters Arms, Old School Lane, Chudleigh Knighton TQ13 OEY, bringing it forward a week to the 14th December. Similarly, the run and lunch in January orqanised by Jackie & Allan has been taken back a week, to Sunday 8th January as we felt one or two may not be compos mentos enough after the New Year celebrations! The plan is to meet at 12 noon at Exeter Servies for a run before lunch at the Smugglers Inn on the Dawlish/Teignmouth road. As usual, it is vital that we have names at least a week beforehand so that we can book sufficient room at what is always a very busy pub.

Writing this before our area AGM (November Club Night) so cannot give too much detail away, but make sure you watch out for announcements in the Courier and by email. Once again, a plea for you to let us have your email addresses so that we can keep you up to date with events and any changes.

Finally, we wish you anf yor families of cars or people all the very best for Christmas and look forward to you joining us at an event before long - try it - you might like it!


Thurdsay 1st Dec - North Devon Meeting at the Crealock Arms, Littleham.

Satruday 3rd Dec - Christmas eveining meal Dartmoor Lodge. 7.30 for 8pm prompt.

Wednesday 14 Dec - Club Night at the Claycutters Arms

Sunday 8 January - Our 'New Year' run and lunch at the Smugglers Inn.



The Courier deadline for the report frommour October meeting was just too tight for me, so you all get 2 reports for the price of 1 this month.

The October meeting saw a welcome visit from Sue & John Franklin, always good to see them for our little North Devon meetings. Sue & John have been busy putting together the very desirable Devon Area 2017 Calendar and we were allowed a sneak preview of the photos to be used. No scantily clad Devon members with stragetically places door mirrors to maintain their modesty you'll be pleased to hear, just some great shots from Devon events over the previous 12 months. I was pleased I managed to squeeze in a nice photo fromthe North's Drive it Day event from April, just got there in the nick of time before going off to Bern for printing. Contact Sue & John if you want one, a real bargain at just £7.00 + £1.50 p&p.

Our regular South Devon visitor to the North Devon meetings Mike Hadley couldn't make it, so he drafted in a replacement in Nigel Kenneison for his first visit. The North Devon area wouldn't have started without the support from those in the south, so anyone making th trip up is very welcome and it's very much

Alan & Janet Brace we there. My Herald is going to be converted to EFI over the winter, so needs a custom inlet manifold making. Alan has a lathe (a Triumph lathe no less!) so with the help of one of his lads they are kindly helping out to machine the bits I'll need to fabricate it. He brought the first bits along with him; to
say I was chuffed was an understatement, beautifully job. Thank you Alan! Geoff Wheeler and his wife were there also as was Malcolm Huxtable who is in the early stages of dismantling his Spitfire in readiness for its winter respray.


The cold weather and member's winter projects meant my Herald cut a lonely figure in the car park, being the only Triumph on show. Thankfully inside the pub I wasn't quite so lonely!

Mike Hadley and Hugh Read had made the journey up from the south, choosing not to bring the Spitfire as it was raining down there. No such problems In the North as we hadn't see any rain for some time, completely uncharacteristic but welcome all the same.

Alan & Janet were in their modern as well, the MK3 Spit is in the middle of a gearbox swap at present, so out of action. Alan brought along a gauge that he acquired when he bought his Spitfire, the previous owner seemed to buy anything Spitfire related. The gauge was most definitely Spitfire, but of the two winged rather than 4 wheeled variety. Apparently these gauges were backlit with Radium, so if the entire North Devon contingents are wiped out by radiation poisimning you'll know why. I suspect were all safe given the age of the gauge!

Andy Luckhurst came along, looking very dapper in his suit as he had to make a dash from a meeting in Torquay to attend. He has kindly leant me his TSSC bought spring compressor so I can fit some new front shocks. I say new, they were a pair of crusty looking but serviceable Spax adjustables that I picked up on eBay some months ago for little money. Malcolm Huxtable had shot blasted them for me, I painted them and replaced the dirt shields and stickers and they looked as good as new. So with Andy's compressor they'll be on the car soon. Thank you Malcolm and Andy! Malcolm Huxtable has finished stripping his Spitfire, so that is going off to the bodyshop for a respray imminently. He managed to convince his Wife Mandy that buying an engine crane was essential despite more than one offer of a loan. I think I'll have to get some tips from Malcolm on how to negotiate such things with her In doors, he s clearly much better at it than me.

lt was great to meet Ann & Bob Meller for the first time since their move from Derbyshire to Northam. Northam is literally 5-10 minutes from the Crealock Arms, I am taking no credit for their choice of location, but we are very pleased to have them join our group all the same.

Ann & Bob have been prominent TSSC members for a while and AO:s for the Derwent Valley Group. Bob is still working up that way during the week so will still be able to make their meetings as well. Before their move to Devon they sold their TR6, but have recently acquired a Triumph Stag from a TSSC member in Leicester it's a car Bob has been watching for some time so should hold no surprises for him. Well that's all for now, look forward to seeing some of you at the next meeting.