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January 2017

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Devon Area Report
January 2017

2017 already - Happy New Year to everyone. Before you threw away the wrapper of this Courier, did you find your annual windscreen disc? If not, or if you need more for your fleet, get in touch and we'll send you one.

You may have heard that John and I were 're-elected' in November as Devon AO's for a further year. Thanks for your support and we hope you will come along to events this year.

Everything is on the main tssc.org.uk website, and also on the Devon website run so well by Darren Groves for us - www.tssc-devon.org.uk. We do keep people up to date with events too by email.soif we do not have your email address, please do get in touch. The Facebook page - TSSC Devon is busy too so there are lots of ways to get the info.

Going back to November, we had to find a new venue for our monthly Club Nights at short notice, and we have found a new 'home' at the Claycutters Arms at Chudleigh Knighton where we were made very welcome by Landlords Brian and Debbie. The November Club night there was very busy, with many of us eating 00. We were delighted to see Bob again, and he was equally delighted with the insurance re-valuation of his lovely GT6 done by Martin. The importance of having Agreed Value Insurance through the Club was emphasised when a lovely and rare local 1300 TC was totalled by a driver on his phone and on the wrong side of the road. We think only around 50 left and around 25 on tile road. For the first time we welcomed Gren and Mandy along to the meeting, and they are looking forward to bringing out the Vitesse formerly owned by Adrian. Good to see Colin to up from Cornwall.

Claire Purser (with her SOC hat on) organised the Inter Club Skittles again at the Waie Inn. 44 of us in all from SOC, TSSC and the Dolomite Club. Although we were second yet again to the SOC, we got some of the spoils - Sharon K joined Mary and I in the 'nil pins' league and got the wooden spoon, the highest scorer was Kirsty with 31 only 6 days after giving birth to our newest 'member' Ruby Jean who also came along for the ride. Robbie lost out on the Junior Trophy this time, but by only 1 pin to Matthew from the Dolomite Club. After a night of storms, Nigel and Maurice were the only ones to bring Triumphs out though there were
five in all with three Stags.

All too soon it was time for our now traditional Christmas bash at the Dartmoor Lodge at Ashburton. 37 of us gathered for what was a brilliant meal - nice not to have to have turkey. For us it was the first of 4 Christmas meals in a week! We managed to find the time to stay overnight too, which made a pleasant change. Our Christmas raffle raised funds to replenish the Area coffers and to make a considerable donation to Torbay's Rowcroft Hospice. Thanks to everyone who brought prizes and tore up the tickets!


North Devon kicks off with their meeting at the Crealock Arms on Thursday 5th, followed closely by our first run of the 2017.

Sunday 8th (note not New Years Day) will see us meet at 12 noon at Exeter Services, for a run organised by Jackie & Allan to the ever popular Smugglers Inn between Dawlish and Teignmouth. As this is usually our biggest turnout of the year, please make sure that you have contacted Jackie & Allan (01626 852448) to book in beforehand. Devon Club Night is Wednesday 18th at the Claycutters Arms and we hope to see you there.

February 5th will be a run and lunch starting at The House of Marbles at Bovey Tracey. More details to follow.

An early 'heads up' for an early start! April 2nd we will be meeting at 8.30am - yes really - at Exeter for a run to Haynes International Motor Museum's Breakfast meet to celebrate someone's birthday.

We will be supporting the Isle of Wight weekend at the end of April and Somerset Area's West of England Meet at Martock - our favourite camp site at the beginning of June and hope lots of you will join us there.

Our full calendar of events is of course on our Devon website as well as the main TSSC site with regular updates on Facebook and email.


Thursday 5 Jan - North Devon Meeting at the Crealock Arms, Littleham

Sunday 8 Jan - Meet 12 noon Exeter Services-Smugglers Inn lunch

Wednesday 18 Jan - Club Night at the Claycutters Arms

Sunday 5 February - South Devon run from Bovey Tracey



It was a very cold, icy and foggy evening for January's club night. As I left my house in the Herald I had a couple of 'moments' up the lane to the main road, I considered turning back and swapping to the SLK with its traction control and heated seats, but chose to carry on.

The journey to the Crealock Arms was slow as I didn't get much above 20mph for most of the way, the fog was just too thick. As I drove there I wondered if I was going to be the only one turn up, I wouldn't have blamed anyone for staying home, the conditions were really quite treacherous.

I needn't have worried, some of the North Devon faithful were already there tucking into their meals, Alan and Janet Brace, Andy Luckhurst and even Mike Hadley all the way up from Brixham. Not long after I arrived Malcolm Huxtable turned up as did Simon When mouth in his Stag, so given the conditions, 7 was a good show and we even had 2 Triumphs in the car park.

Alan and his lad Dan are still in the process of swapping gearboxes in their MK3 Spitfire, having gone from a 3 rail to single rail they now need a shorter propshaft. Malcolm's Spitfire is in the bodyshop where I work and we were discussing progress on the respray, the shell is now in primer and getting the last few imperfections sorted before a re-primer and top coat. Both doors looked OK when they comein, but were actually full of filler and holes at the bottom so both need a re-skin, a quick adjustment to Malcolm's Christmas list I think!

Andy has now passed his ADI Part 3 test, so now has a bit more free time and is hoping to make a bit of progress on his TR4 project soon. His bonnet fit isn't quite right and can't be adjusted out in the normal way, so I'll be popping over there soon to help gain a few mm where needed.

Given the worsening conditions outside we all decided to head home a little earlier than normal, some discussion was had one the best routes. Most decided that the longer routes out of Littleham were probably safest as they are predominantly main roads and had probably been gritted. For reasons that now escape me, Simon and I decided that the regular and more direct cross-country route home would be fine. So down the hill we went (so far so good), then as we climbed
back up I could see the rear of Simon's Stag snaking about as he struggled for traction, I then started to realise what I was to expect as I followed him. After what seemed like the longest 1/4 mile ever, with Simon now out of sight and my speed dropping all the time I finally made it to slightly more level ground and gained a little momentum ..... but not too much as I didn't have much of chance in stopping if anything came the other way. I really did think I was going to be heading back down the hill and getting stuck in the dip, it could have been a long cold night. After a short distance I caught up with Simon and we finally made it back onto the main road and tip-toed back home at low speed. That journey certainly got the blood pumping at times.

So a big thank you to all of those that braved the weather and attended this meeting and to all that have supported theNorth Devon Area during 2016.

By the time you read this all the Christmas and New Year festivities will be over, so I do hope you've had a good time over the holiday period.